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With over 35 years experience with the IBM iSeries - AS 400 - Power i, SA400 provides full service iSeries support.  No need to look outside the US for your iSeries support, you will work directly with an iSeries expert based in San Antonio, Texas. Part time or full time contracts available. On site or remote. Let us show you how to reduce your support cost and increase your productivity. SA400 consulting services is ready to provide you with results-oriented solutions for real-world challenges. We offer independent, realistic advice to help you determine the best solutions for your business based on your requirements and your preferences. We also offer also programming in PHP, ASP .NET, Database (SQL) programming, Javascript and HTML coding.   To find out more about about iSeries (AS/400 - Power i) support, service or consulting options please email us today.

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A400 provides expert service in the following program languages: RPG II/ III/ IV/, ILE/ FREE, OS/400,CL, CLP, CLLE, OCL, SQL, HTML, XML, JAVA, FTP, COBOL, WordPress, Bootstrap, SEO.


System Analysis, Application Development and Customization, After Hours System Support, Application Development and Customization, System Upgrades, System Support.


System Maintenance, System Training, System Testing, System Integration and Migration, System Implementation, Disaster Recovery.


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Credentials : Edwin T. Cooke III, CDP

Work History

San Antonio , Texas 

03/2006 – Present Contract Programmer Developed Inventory Chart using SEQUEL to replace a “Manual Report”. The “Manual Report” takes 2-3 days to complete.  The SEQUEL report runs in less than 30 seconds. Involved in the installation of Report 2 Web, a document storage software package. Used VB Script to write custom applications to take reports written to the iSeries IFS and redirect them to the proper folder in the Report 2 Web.  Responsible for setting up new users on the iSeries.  Second Level Help Desk support for problems with iSeries Hardware and Software.

The Bombay Company, Fort Worth , Texas                   

04/2005 – 03/2006

AS/400 Project Lead Fulfillment Systems The core of the Fulfillment System is JDA’s warehouse management software. Managing a team of up to four programmers I used Microsoft Project and a time estimating model to facilitate system integration of Global Exchange Services (GXS) Logistics Visibility (LV) , Order Life Cycle Visibility product (OLV) and EDITrade/Oceanwide Customs Link Product. Using a combination of EDI formats 850, 855, and 856 as well as custom files to exchange date between the two software packages.  Working with a team of four programmers work was assigned and progress monitored using Microsoft Project. Daily duties included but were not limited to the support of Inventory Accounting, Container Tracking and Distribution Center applications. Identified and corrected a 10 year flaw in a key control program which caused errors in DC transfer processing.

States General Life Insurance Company, Fort Worth , Texas           

10/2003 – 01/2005

AS/400 Senior Programmer/Analyst Created applications to process Agent and Policy Information gathered from web sites. I worked with staff to develop new applications. Handled encryption and de-encryption of sensitive files retrieved from the web. I was asked to redesigned application to email commission statements to agents from the AS400.

On-Site Information Systems Inc., San Antonio, Texas              

01/2003 – 10/2003

Web Developer Designed e-commerce sites for Texas Trophy Hunter’s customers.  Created data driven web pages for several customers using asp and Microsoft Access.  Developed web portal for Texas Deer Association. Implemented several of Texas Trophy Hunters web software applications. Designed several databases for data driven pages.  Added new web sites to IIS server.  Assigned email accounts for new customers.  Worked on problems with memory leaks on sever.

ATSI Communications Inc., San Antonio, Texas                  

10/2001 – 01/2003

AS/400 Senior Programmer/ Analyst Designed web application to access call statistics on the AS400 using ILE RPG and HTML. Created application to process 7.8 Billion Codes for Call Routing. The application runs in about 20 min. Developed Customer Trouble ticket system using ASNA’s Visual RPG .to gather problem information then dispatching the information via e-mail and Cell phone text messaging to the appropriate technician. Designed, coded and tested Call Risk Management Model for the communications engineers and Corporate Management. The software was developed using Visual RPG and was used to identify positive or negative effects of changes in market prices. Supported companies web site making changes to content using Macromedia’s Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 Studio. Convert access call detail records from carrier to AS400 DB2 file for call analysis.

Aquila Gas Pipeline, San Antonio, Texas                      

06/1996 – 08/2001

AS/400 Senior Systems Analyst Perform systems analysis, design, coding and testing for gas Transmission Company on IBM AS/400 utilizing RPG, RPG IV and CL. The last project was Pipeline Maintenance Enhancements.  Some of the added features were the ability to launch Internet Explorer for the purpose of plotting a point on a topographical map using GPS coordinates passed by the launching program. The Inquiry/Report program uses a generic subfile to display data in seven different sort sequences. Once desired information is selected the user has the ability to either print the information or write it out to a .CSV file.  The program then automatically opens the file in Microsoft EXCEL. The user has the ability to select and sequence over 150 fields from 7 different data files on the fly.  The print feature automatically sizes the report between 85,132,198 column print files.  The limitation of the print files is 198 characters where the .CSV file has a 1024 character limitation. The Inquiry/Report application also utilizes menu bars, scroll bars, and panel groups for help. This was made possible by utilizing the AS400 DB2 architecture. As project lead was responsible for design & maintenance of Physical Inventory System and Cycle count subsystem.  Designed and coded and tested General Purchase Order System. While I was at Aquila acted as mentor to junior programmers helping them with coding questions and design problems.

Bausch & Lomb, San Antonio, Texas                      

03/1995 – 02/1997

AS/400 Senior Systems Analyst Perform systems analysis, design, coding and testing for a manufacturing company on IBM AS/400 utilizing RPG and CL. Emphasis on implementing manufacturing process solutions to increase productivity in manufacturing operations.  The last project was to develop a tracking system utilizing high-speed scanners to track product through the manufacturing process. Made simple change to shipping application, which cut the process time by 75%. Maintained accounting application using Fox Pro.

Computer Resource Management Inc., San Antonio, Texas           

07/1994 – 03/1995 AS/400 Programmer/Analyst Provide custom programming support for company’s long distance software package on IBM AS/400 utilizing RPG and CL. Last project was working on a Fortune 100 company’s long distance billing package. The company had a requirement to be able to rollup the charges from a unit level up to a District/Regional total.  The program utilized a parent/child account design. Took active roll mentoring junior programmers in the use of RPG, subfiles and CL.

ALCOA Fujikura Limited., San Antonio, Texas               

10/1989 – 07/1994

Special Projects Coordinator Evaluate, design and implement new technologies for the AS/400. Last project was the installation of a fiber optic backbone in ACUNA Mexico. Manager Computer Operations Manage daily operations of the AS/400.  Supervised three shifts of operations personnel. Acted as system administrator for the two AS/400. Worked with the AS/400 DB2 database to make sure the saves were performed. Wrote programs to reorganize the physical files as needed.  Identified and journaled key physical files for later review. Responsible for AS400’s Operating System and PTF updates.  Worked with a team of operators and programmers to put a Disaster Recovery Plan together. Senior Systems Analyst Manage day-to-day operation and performance of the AS/400.  Act as Data Base Administrator for new systems development. Provided system administration for users and programmers.

Intelogic Trace, Systems Group, San Antonio, Texas                

07/1988 – 10/1989

MIS Manager, IBM Systems Development Data processing department manager was responsible for day-to-day operations.  Evaluate and make recommendations concerning future     software acquisitions. Develop and implement the migration of existing software systems from the IBM System 36 to the AS/400.  Supervise and work with programmer to develop and maintain programs to increase user productivity. Handled the system administration and review the AS/400 DB2 file structure to make sure all files were optimized and saved. Was responsible for AS400 Operating System Upgrade and PTF updates.

San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas

09/1984 – 05/1986

IBM Programming Instructor SAC Instructor responsible for the planning, preparation and execution of Advance RPG classes. Acted as consultant to the Data Processing Department helping with the operation of the IBM System 38.  Also taught a class in Advanced Systems Design and project development methodologies.

Texchron, Inc., San Antonio, Texas                    

02/1982 – 07/1988

Senior Systems Analyst Develop, design and implementation of applications software packages to include order processing, inventory control, a Service Center Tracking System, purchase order system and Marketing and Sales System utilizing an IBM System 38 with RPGIII and CL. Assisted in the system conversion from a Datapoint ARC system to the IBM System 38. Handled data communications requirements for remote data communications


Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Texas Masters Computer Science, 1984. GPA: 3.3

Graduate Project was an Interactive Order Entry System on the IBM System 38

University of Texas, Austin, Texas, BS RTF School of Communications, 1974.

Hardware/Software Skills

ASNA’s Visual RPG - XML Datapoint ARC System - IBM - S/36(B24), S/38 (600), AS/400 I Series RPG II & III  & IV RPG400 & ILE  - COBOL Basic & Qbasic - Communication - SDLC, BSC J.D. Edwards, Order Purchasing  - Lawson, Accounts Payable PCR, Accounts Receivable - AS400 System Administration/Operations Freelance, Powerpoint  Excel, Symphony, Word Novell 3.11 , Foxpro Gentran - EDI , FrontPage/Dreamweaver Photoshop/Fireworks, HTML DB2 Database Design, Rumba Access, Essbase, Cognos  Hawkeye Abstract/Probe DBU 6.0, Implementer, Robot , SEQUEL, SQL

References Available Upon Request